'Indie' - Draxpark Fleur De Lis
Owned by Linda & Brian in Lanarkshire

Hi, We are Linda and Brian McLuckie.
After lots of research into dogs as novice dog owners, in September 2008, Rufus, a black Standard Schnauzer joined our family. After a couple of years of trauma and stress but much more fun (Standard Schnauzers are well known for there stubbornness) we decided it was time to bring another dog into the family. We love Schnauzers, but had only ever seen pictures of Giants (there are not many here in Scotland), so after searching the internet we visited Lesley & Jim to meet their Giants. Immediately we knew we had to have one, so in September 2010 we became the proud owners of Indie (still fondly known as green glitter).

We brought home a cute, black, bundle of fun. Much smaller than Rufus our Standard Schnauzer. She settled in straight away, immediately latching onto Rufus. When she was awake she was tormenting him to play, and when she was tired he was the perfect pillow. It didn't take long until she became quite a lot larger than Rufus and is definitely the boss. We can't imagine life without Indie. She is such an adorable big girl. It's difficult to ever get mad at her, even when she's naughty, which Giant Schnauzers seem to be able to carry off very well (they have a knack of looking cute, innocent and loveable especially when they know they are in big trouble, or want a tasty snack).

Indie is so good with our two daughters who are now teenagers, but she is also very fond of younger children, but can be quite excitable at times, although now that she is one year old she is starting to calm down quite a lot.

From the minute Indie wakes in the morning her tail starts wagging and rarely stops all day long, it's such a nice thing. She has been really easy to train as she seems to be really attentive to us, but that also means she is always by your side i.e. - head in dishwasher, washing machine, in the loo beside you etc. She also seems completely unaware of her size, as she seems to think she is a lap dog and will sit on your knee any chance she can get. She also takes her guard dog duties very seriously and has developed a fabulous howl at any noise she hears beyond our back fence.

We can't thank Lesley & Jim enough for bringing Indie into our lives, and for all their help and fabulous website.