DOB: 30/10/2015
Eye Test: 19/05/2019 - Unaffected
Hip Score: RH3/LH3 Total: 6
Elbow Grade: 0/0=0
DCM DNA Test: Clear
prcd-PRA DNA Test: prcd-PRA: Clear / GPRA(PRA5): Clear

Spartacus is imported from the Radinie Kennel in Czech Republic, he flew over to Manchester airport as a 15 week old puppy to spend his life with us at Draxpark.
Sparkie is a very large and strong male, boisterous and quite vocal, although attentive to learn. He has a bold, friendly character and everyone stops and admires him wherever he goes.
His pedigree is quite diverse and bloodlines are different to most UK Giants having come from working lines. Many thanks to Helena Glanznerova for breeding such a fabulous boy and allowing him to join us.