DOB: 29/3/2004
Height: 28" (71cm)
Weight: 43Kg
Eye Test: 18 Jul 2014 - Unaffected
Thyroglobulin Auto-Antibody (TgAA): Negative
Hip Score: RH5/LH6 Total: 11

Kaiser is of foreign breeding, both of his parents were imported in to the UK, his father is Russian bred and his mother is from Hungary. Kaiser is most certainly a very "gentle-man" despite what his fearsome sounding bark would lead you to believe. He will ward off any stranger but when he knows they are OK he loves a tickle off anyone. He is a happy, laid back and placid boy, his favourite hobbies are running and playing, even though he's a veteran Kaiser still thinks he's a very big puppy!!
Kaiser always greets you with a wag of his stubby tail, even if you only went out of the room. He even wags his entire back legs, we call him Elvis when he does it.

Kaiser loves to be with people and has an especially soft spot for ladies, he is also very good with other dogs including other males, which can be unusual for a Giant Schnauzer male. He is very obedient and was easy to train as a youngster, he has done the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze and Silver Award, but he does occasionally have a stubborn streak usually when he's managed to get on the sofa and he knows he shouldn't ...he's difficult to remove!
His only down sides are that he is a messy eater and drinker....and always wants a fuss when his beard is wet!