DOB: 20/2/2012
Height: 28.25" (72cm)
Weight: 43kg
Eye Test: 18 Dec 2015 - Unaffected
Hip Score: RH7/LH5 Total: 12
Elbow Grade: 1/0 =1

Jack Flash is our "Fantastical boy" :o) We imported him in June 2012 at the age of 15 weeks, from the Sasvari Kennel in Budapest, Hungary. Sasvari is also the breeder of our first Giant's mother (She was also imported into the UK from Hungary).

Many thanks to Eva Vadocz and Agnes Balkanyi for breeding our very handsome boy and allowing him to join our Giant family in England.

At his first Championship show Jack Flash won his first Reserve CC, stud book number, and lifetime qualification to Crufts at just 6 months old!...And a second Reserve CC at the age of 8 months!
Jack is a very happy boy, boisterous, active and full of character.