DOB: 07/9/2007
Height: 27.25" (69cm)
Weight: 43Kg
Eye Test: 3 Jan 2013 - Unaffected
Thyroglobulin Auto-Antibody (TgAA): Negative
Hip Score: RH6/LH3 Total: 9

Frank is a son of Jet and is our special boy.....he is very vocal and extremely lovable.
He likes to have his 'Mad-Frankie' moments, his favourite trick is to stick his entire head in the water bucket up to his eyes. His favourite games are chasing birds and waiting for the leaves to fall off the trees so he can chase them. He is very strong and sturdy...our knick-name for him is "Chunk".
Frankie acheived his first Reserve CC at the age of 8 months, and his first CC at 10 months gaining him a stud book number and a life-time entry to Crufts.
He was awarded Pedigree Top Puppy 2008 and also the Giant Schnauzer Club Top Puppy 2008 after winning Best Puppy in Breed 8 times at Championship shows.
In October 2009, just after his second birthday Frank gained his 3rd CC and the title of Champion, he is the first Giant Schnauzer with a full tail to become a champion in the UK.