DOB: 01/7/2013
Height: 27.25" (69cm)
Weight: 47kg
Eye Test: 19/05/2019 - Unaffected
Hip Score: RH5/LH4 Total: 9
Elbow Grade: 0/0=0

Bruce is one of our home bred boys, he is the son of our import from Hungary - Sasvari Jack Flash To Draxpark. We also bred his mother "ZaZa" and grandfather "Frank" and imported his Grandmother from Russia. He's a combination of English and international breeding.
Bruce is a very loving boy, head strong, and always happy wagging his tail, he likes a kiss and cuddle off everyone.

He became the UK Top Giant in 2015 after gaining 13 CC's following in his grandfather Frank's footsteps who was also UK Top Giant 2012. Black Jack was awarded Top Puppy 2014 and Best Male at Crufts 2015. We kept a daughter of his who went on to gain her champion title in 2019.

Bruce is one of our all time favourite Giants for his type and conformation, along with his temperament making him a very special boy, he also has a lot of fans!