DOB: 04/12/2011
Height: 25" (63.5 cm)
Weight: 34kg
Eye Test: 29 Mar 2014 - Unaffected
Thyroid Function: TgAA Negative (Baseline thyroid levels Normal; T4, Free T4 & TSH - Jun 2014)
Hip Score: RH4/LH4 Total: 8     Elbow Grade: 0/0 =0

Zuma is a very lively and bouncy girl, we called her 'Zuma' because she only really has one speed, and that is zoooooooom zoom zoom! Her Kennel Club name is "I Like to Move It".....and that is because she does!

Zuma is very intelligent, active and attentive, and as such has been easy to train. Zuma is also very vocal, she definitely lets you know when she wants to go out! She can almost speak and says ooow owwt ....quite loudly when she wants to go out, also when she goes out in the car as soon as she knows the car has stopped she says she wants to go out!!. She is a lovely character, also very loveable and loyal, brilliant off lead in different situations.

Zuma was awarded UK Top Giant Schnauzer Puppy 2012, and gained her first CC as a puppy under Schnauzer Breed Specialist judge Mr Len Anness, her second CC from Russian Schnauzer breed specialist judge Mr Eugene Yerusalimsky, and her third CC & Best of Breed from Finnish and international allrounder judge Mr Hans Lehtinen, gaining her the title of Champion.