DOB: 07/9/2007
Height: 25.25" (64cm)
Weight: 35Kg
Eye Test: 21 Mar 2014 - Unaffected
Thyroglobulin Auto-Antibody (TgAA): Negative
Hip Score: RH5/LH5 Total: 10

Like mother like daughter!!! Tango is so much like her mum Jet.
She is a little Miss mischeif and manages to get herself into places she shouldn't be!! She is a very affectionate girl, when she wants to go out she comes and barks to let you know, she also gently nibbles your clothes to let you know she wants something or just to let you know she likes you!!
Her party peice is to bounce up and down in the air on all four paws whilst barking. She loves to play and chase swallows with her brother Frank.
We called her Tango because she was so lively and 'You know when you've been Tango-ed!!'
In 2010 Tango gained x3 CC's and her title of Champion, she is the first Giant Schnauzer bitch with a full tail to become a champion in the UK, the first male being her litter brother Draxpark Big Shot.