DOB: 04/12/2011
Height: 26" (66 cm)
Weight: 38kg
Eye Test: 17 Sep 2015 - Unaffected
Hip Score: RH4/LH4 Total: 8     Elbow Grade: 0/0 =0

Lexus is a very strong and boisterous girl !!...she has a strong head, big nose, big paws and strong bones. Although she is very active and powerful, she is also very loving and has been easy to train. Lexus is really well behaved off lead in public, and is a lovely dog to live with. If she wants something...(to go out, a drink or just a cuddle) she will 'peck' at your arm, like a chicken pecking!! She often won't let you do anything on the computer as she keeps nudging with her nose! Lexus is very excitable especially when she knows she is going somewhere, and on the other hand she is quite calm in the house.

Lexus gained her title of champion along with her mother, sister and grandmother.