DOB: 15/11/2004
Height: 24.5" (62cm)
Weight: 32Kg
Eye Test: 17 Jan 2008 - Unaffected
Hip Score: RH5/LH3 Total: 8

Jet is a bouncy happy girl, our nickname for her is 'Tigger'. She is feisty with typical Giant Schnauzer guarding instincts. She is the first one to let you know when a stranger is approaching.
Jet has so far acheived 6 Kennel Club Challenge Certificates and 7 Reserve Challenge Certificates gaining her a stud book number, the title of 'Champion' and also qualifying her for a lifetime entry to Crufts. She has also been awarded Best Bitch in Breed 2 years running at Crufts 2008 & 2007.

Jet has acheived her Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze and Silver Award, but she doesn't take it seriously! Everything she does is with a twist of excitement and friskyness! Jet loves to strut her stuff and be top bitch in the house. She is also very affectionate and soppy, she loves to have a cuddle and quite often her beard is 'velcroed' to your legs. She would like to think she is a lap dog and you are never alone.. even when paying a visit to the toilet.