Height: 25.25" (64cm)
Weight: 37Kg
Eye Test: 29/01/2018 - Unaffected
Thyroid Function: Normal (T4, Free T4, TSH) 2018
Thyroglobulin Auto-Antibody (TgAA): Normal 2018
Hip Score: RH5/LH5 Total: 10
Elbow Grade: 0/0=0
DCM DNA Test: Clear
prcd-PRA DNA Test: prcd-PRA: Clear - PRA5:Clear

Ember is a very cheeky lady, she is very active, bouncy and eager to do anything! Her tail never stops wagging and her nose is into everything you are doing, she is very bright, eager to learn and a wonderful companion.

Ember gained her 3rd CC and Champion title in May 2016 at the age of 19 months and is the 3rd generation in a line of Draxpark Champions.